Reema Khan Turning 48!!
Reema Khan Turning 48!!

Reema Khan, the epitome of grace and style, is just two years away from her golden jubilee as she turns 48 today.

Reema is one of the top Pakistani actresses of her era who has contributed two decades of her life to the Showbiz Industry. Besides acting, she has also proved her excellence in the fields of Production, Direction and Hosting as well.

The lady was born on October 27, 1971 in Lahore. Many people believe that she belongs to a Punjabi family but Reema actually belongs to a Pathan clan ‘Qazil bash’. Another thing that a very few people know is that Reema’s real name is ‘Sameena Khan’.

The little girl grew up in Multan and got her early education from a renowned school there ‘Convent of Jesus and Mary’. Her academic career has always been bright. She was always an intelligent and obedient child. Being the youngest among two sisters and a brother, Reema was responsible since her childhood. And unlike other children of her age, this little girl was never involved into any mischievous activity rather she was a sober and close-lipped girl.

Although Reema was quite active in dramatics during her school time, she didn’t actually wanted to become an actor but a teacher. According to her, she accidently got landed into the field of showbiz. Reema was just 15 -16 years old when she gave her audition for Javed Fazil’s film and got selected out of the blue moon.

Reema was overjoyed when she got Rs 10,000 on signing her first project ‘Bulandi’ with Javed Fazil as her father was jobless at that time. So that amount of 10,000 rupees really helped her family in that difficult phase.

1990 was the start of Reema’s career when her first ever film ‘Bulandi’ opposite ‘Shaan Shahid’ got released and turned out to be a huge success. After that, her next film was ‘Zameen Asmaan’ (1994) and then she started getting projects one after another and kept climbing the mountains of success, money and fame with her determination.

Reema khan proved her talent and managed to gain and maintain the love from the audience at the time when there were no social media platforms to promote one’s work, increase their fan following, amplify their achievements or remain in the eyes of the public.

After devoting two decades of her life to Lollywood, there came a time when Reema didn’t want to work in the industry anymore. This was the time when the industry was tilted towards making male oriented films, promoting the Gandasa culture and hardly giving some scenes to the female lead. This made Reema leave the film industry and turn towards TV. 

Then in 2003, she appeared on the TV screen for the first time in the drama ‘Yad To Ayen Ge’ opposite Humayun Saeed. She then challenged herself by producing and directing two films ‘Koi Tujh Sa Kahan’ (2005) and ‘Love Mein Gum’ (2011) and both of them turned out to be the wins.

“Challenges always boost up my courage to do something exceptional”: says Reema Khan.

Then against all odds, before the release of her film Love Mein gum in 2011, the celebrity got married to a Pakistani-American Cardiologist Dr. Shahab Tariq. Then after four years of happy marriage, the couple got blessed with a baby boy in March 2015 who they named ‘Syed Azlan Muhammad Shahab’ who is now 4 years old.

Reema Khan is one of the change agents of the society as she plans to do something for the health sector of Pakistan while getting assistance from her husband. The lady has got a heart of gold that’s always kind and respectful to people. She has a positive vision towards life and gives no chance to negativity.

The dream girl of Pakistan has done 200 films till date and has earned many awards for her performances and contribution to the Showbiz Industry. Despite of earning huge fame and success, the diva didn’t let fame got to her head, instead she remained as humble as one can be.


“It is easy for us to capture the hearts of our fans but by our positive contribution to society, we can remain in their hearts forever”: Says Reema Khan.

And there’s no doubt that this diva is in our hearts and will always manage to retain her special place.

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